hamburger evolution

All About the History of Hamburgers and its Evolution

Burgers can be viewed as the favourite food across the world. They can be found in diners, on the menus of featured cafes, and at the drive-through windows of food chains.

The point arises, where did this delicious food originate?

Germany is home to the first Hamburger. The inspiration of which did come from Hamburg. It was the beef from German Hamburg Cows tossed with garlic, onions, salt, and pepper forming steaks and served without bread and bun. When Germans began to migrate to different countries, most of them earned their living by opening restaurants. The restaurants in New York & Chicago featured Hamburg Steak in their menus as the most expensive dish. The dish was then in high demand and can be found in Non-German restaurants. The sandwich concept, however, was introduced much later.

At the time of the Industrial Revolution, factory workers found it difficult to eat those Hamburg steaks which is why a creative cook served it in the form of patties between two slices of bread. It was when the first Hamburger was born, boosting the evolution of its popularity all over the country.

Is Hamburger made up of Ham?

Over time, Burgers have become popular and are loved by the world all over. It has evolved over time and so it’s making. Hamburger is not made up of ham but of ground-up beef moulded into a patty and placed between two slices of a bun.

Do we serve only Non-Vegetarian Burgers?

You might be wondering if we serve only Non-Vegetarian burgers. No, that’s not the case. At Burginmeister, we provide you with the best vegetarian and non-vegetarian burgers from our menu with a Desi twist to each to bring that authentic taste. We have travelled worldwide and every burger we tasted had something different about it.

However, in countries like India, where beef is not into the customary Hindu eating regimen, we serve “Potato Patties”, famously known as “Aloo Tikki”, also patties made from ingredients like beans, nuts, grains, and seeds sliced with vegetables like onion, tomato, capsicum, and loads of cheese. It is loved by people all over the country. It does not contain meat and has evolved over the years and comes in different varieties. You can choose among other variants like beetroot or black bean patty made from vegetables, whole grains and lentils which is filled with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Also, Mock meat patty can serve as a good option to vegetarian folks. It is sort of a fake meat patty made up of ingredients like tofu, mushrooms, soy and vegetable protein.  An endless variety of tasty and creative toppings are now added to the patties. On an estimate, 75 burgers are sold per second, over the globe.

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