Magic Shroom

Magic Shroom

Indulge in the aesthetic taste and aroma of our unique Magic Shroom Burger.

Burgermeister brings you our version of burger delight. We put completely imported ingredients into our burgers that you will find nowhere else.

Get yourself our very famous Magic Shroom Burger infused with the goodness of Portobello mushrooms.

The burger is served in a 4-inch large bun made up with healthy ingredients and optimum hygiene and toasted with sesame oil. 

The juicy patty is made up of these special hand-pulled mushrooms battered in canola oil and slowly cooked to give you that perfect crunch.

Other than those processed cheese you have all the time, we sought to fill the burger with cheddar cheese and Monterey Jack cheese.

The latter specially imported from Italy famous for its pungent and luscious creamy taste to give your taste buds that unique burst of flavors.

To boost the nutrition value of the burger, we slice it with Caramelized onions, plum tomatoes, iceberg lettuce to enhance its taste as well.

An additional cheddar slice is tossed at the end into the burger.

             Served along with house fries, Magic Shroom is a must-try!

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