Know Nutrition And Hygiene Value At Burginmeister


Along with the authentic taste and aroma, Burginmeister emphasizes on boosting the nutrition value of your burgers. We use whole grains to make our burgers less in sodium and rich in vitamins and minerals. Our vegetable loaded patty includes chopped peppers, spinach, onions and other veggies to have that perfect flavour and crunch along with proper nutrition. To avoid fat content, you can go for grilled meat. We insist on using seasonings like fresh onions or jalapenos to boost the taste and cut back on the amount of sodium.


Burginmeister ensures the food we prepare is safe for you to eat. Our premises are kept clean and well maintained and are designed to allow adequate cleaning to prevent contamination. We follow procedures based on the principles of HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point), the approach to control food safety hazards. Staff Handling food is trained in hygiene to have a better understanding of their work. Our staff keeps personal hygiene and prevent factors causing contamination.

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